Tom Weisbuch xxx1939-2003

After three years of rooming with Tom W., our paths diverged from college on. Then, amazingly, in the seventies I ran into him again via a mutual friend who lived in Philadelphia and for whom Tom was instrumental in funding a restaurant. After a year of intermittent meetings, I lost contact with him and then refound him living in Berkeley in the late eighties. He had started The Old Rug, a fabulous rug store. He had exquisite tastes and could go on and on (as only Tom could) about the weave warp and woof of each rug. I don't think he was particularly interested in business but he was in love with acquiring rugs. He told me he would go to NY's garment district and rummage through rug merchants' stores, finding old tattered rugs which he would buy. He was the first, I think, to cut up these rugs and make pillows out of them. Bloomingdales and others followed suit years later. He hired Vietnamese, I believe, to be his sewers and ran a really pleasant shop.

He had a beautiful house high in the Berkeley hills, stocked with good books, good wine, and maintained some kind of relationship with a very nice woman.

I saw him several years in a row and then , once again, he disappeared, back to the East to care for his mother to whom he was devoted. In the course of his mother's dying, or after, he married a Czeck? woman who was his mother's nurse.
I heard this via phone with him but never met her or saw him again.

He was a truly complex and generous individual with a photographic memory. a story by Tom was novelistic in length and detail, whether it came from Andover days or elsewhere. He burned with a hard, gem-like flame. I shall miss him. Tom B.

I am really sorry to report that Tom Weisbuch passed away yesterday as a result of prostate cancer. Thanks much to Arkie Koehl and Alan Blanchard for letting us know.
I got to know Tom really well, when we lived next door to each other our upper year. Tom was a heckova wrestler to go along with an awfully bright mind, particularly in the area of creative writing.
We had a really nice phone visit a couple of years ago, when we visited about Tom's coming to the PA '57 dinner in Los Angeles. While he couldn't make it, we reminisced about some great times we had had at Andover.
What a nice guy.
Best regards to all.

That's a really nice remembrance of Tom Weisbuch from Tom Bissinger. I didn't know Tom W. as well as Tom B. did, but I do remember sharing two French classes with him. Tom W. was also a kind. considerate and patient classmate as I recall, especially during a few cram sessions. I'm sorry, too, that I now wouldn't be able to say that to him. That's why I truly feel we should all try to attend whatever reunions are scheduled from now on. We're not getting any younger, time may be running out for some and it sure as hell wouldn't hurt anyone, from anywhere, to be kinder, gentler and more in touch. All the best to all, Austen.

Thanks for reporting so kindly such sad news. I remember clearly the many times Tom showed at PA his multi-talented abilities, ranging from athletics to creative writing to his many contributions to our various drama projects particularly including Pen Hallowell's Shakespeare plays.

Regards to all.
Dave Cathcart

tom... weisbuck.... i remember well... his wirey energy. very close to perfection. and he was an artist too and a craziness i might find inside myself as well if only i had a clue. ah, but he was jewish and wouldn't stand up for onward christian soldiers. all power to the people. and we both one night put terrible plastic drippings, fleshy colored with paint for blood wet, into the steaming covered serving dishes at the commons... and bissinger and all my white friends in mississippi against the war were jewish too. some warmth and passion and love.
and i ran into tom in cambridge ma in early mid seventies into hydroponics and mushrooms or speed. and then word of rugs and the bay area.... and then death .damn we getting short...

xoxooxxoox ... J>