we are in the process of gathering files
of the years at PA... for a DVD
to be shown at Morse Hall during our 50th
there are the photos (above) that Dinah and I
digitized at the PA library archives
of both Abbott
and Andover
...(click on thumbnails for larger images)
and a CD of all the Phillipians ('54-'57)
which i hope will be up here before long

...(but want to check with official PA policy)
any sugestions for the project are welcome
material that should be added
...(email or mail - refer to 'original request')
material the should be removed?
...(specify the file name - ex: 57_128.jpg)

added 27jan07 faculty

added 28jan07 abbott

added 31jan07 andover

added 30jan07 recent pix

added 30jan07 dave crofoot's family

added 13feb07 MUSIC