The '57 Reunion is right around the corner now... and we want to assemble photos old and new that can play continuously on large screen from a DVD player in a room at Morse Hall (which will be our '57 headquarters)

i am going to go down to andover in january and with Dinah Barlow and Ruth Quattlebaum search through the Archives and Phillipian for those old black and white photographs that might refresh our memories of that time

it would also be important that we all root about and dig up some photos of those years ourselves... of ourselves from that period... those years...
but equally important, i think, would be some pictures of us through the years (weddings, babies, vacations, grandchildren etc.) and add a little color to that black and white history

so, please, find a least one old and one new (since graduation) photograph and send them to me (or for additional information please write or call) :

john douglas
1010 townline road - box11
charlotte, vermont 05445
(802) 425-3244

DEADLINE : March 15th 2007

if you can scan (digitize) the photos
or have it digitized (720x480 pixels72 dpi)
would be great (it will be going to DVD)
if not
send the photos and i will scan them
and get them back to you, if so wished