Two wonderful events took place this last April, when 16 of our classmates met in Newton, MA to share experiences since going to PA. The second took place in Washington D.C. about a week later, when nine of our class met and had a grand evening at the Cosmos Club.

In Boston, Gil Wright, George Breed, Dave Remington, and Brian Golden hosted a terrific get together at the Newton Golf Club - thanks to Dave. Tom Dignan arrived along with Ed Curley. Tom is still practicing law at Ropes and Gray in Boston, when he is not embroiled with his two daughters' athletic careers; and Ed is still running his electronics firm, EPS Labs, in Danvers. Website guru John Douglas was good enough to come down from Vermont, as he did when the festivities were held in New York last September. Tom Terry came up from UCONN, still excited about the fact that the Huskies had won the NCAA basketball title, and he reminded me that good basketball can be played outside of North Carolina. Eric Myrvaagnes is teaching computer science at Suffolk University, while Rudi Loeser is computer programming at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Lab at Harvard. We had not seen John Draper in forever, and he is still running his family's specialty cloth manufacuring facility.

Meanwhile Kim Pendleton who has made each dinner came up from Washington for the evening. It was great seeing Seth Rice and Andy Dean, architect grandus, after 42 years, as was the case with Dave Remington. The same was true with Arnie Burke who came down from New Hampsha and almost conned Al Reische to come with him, but Al is an attorney who squiggled out at the last minute. And for those of you whom we called and could not make it, thanks for the visit, and we'll have another one in the future. Tom Fox with A.I.D. along with Greg Wierzynski with House Banking in Washington (when he's not fly fishing) put on a really fabulous evening, complete with pop quiz for those who attended. It coninued after we were evicted from the Cosmos Club and ended up at the bar at the Westin Hotel across the street. Charlie Vallender and Tom Bissinger look great after 42 years of in cognito; Charlie is coaching people on careers, while Tom is spending a lot of time acting. Kim Pendleton joined us after having attended the Boston bash the week earlier, and Lew Neisner came down from Baltimore, where he is teaching at the Univ. of Maryland. Ron Campbell who had attended the NYC dinner joined the group and told us of his new career, while Rick Merrill provided a most interesting account of his involvement of helping to end the Vietnam War in Washington. We were all sorry that Phil Olsson had to bow out at the last minute to go to Prague, and I never found out if it was for business or pleasure.

Unfortunately, the "grand instigator" of these festivities, one Bill Sterling , had to miss both affairs, as his wife, Yvonne, was really under the weather. I understand now that she is doing much better, and the Sterlings plan to go to Amsterdam this summer and will link up with Ole Faegermann there. Speaking of linking up, I got a nice note from Fred Shuman who wanted to come to one of the dinners but could not, as he and Stephanie were travelling back home from Santa Barbara where they are spending more and more time and loving it. Fred told me that they really enjoyed visiting with Becky and Ben Field in Santa Barbara, where they both belong to the same golf club. All three dinners were simply wonderful. I'm delighted I was able to make all three. I think George Breed summed up what is attributable to all three, when he wrote,

"We all had a lively time in Boston. The warmth of the relationships after a 42 year break in more than half the relationships was remarkable. The remembrance and reacquaintance period seemed to be less than a minute. It flowed. The evening ended too soon. Witness the parking lot conversations."

My particular thanks to our hosts in New York, Boston and Washington! Fellers, it was memorable! Jumping around a bit. Thanks to Sam Suitt who was most helpful to me in getting the attention of the Sierra Club.... Dan Adams dropped a line from Evansville, IN, where he has retired from heart surgery and is looking to go back to school to do some other things in the medical field. Dan still fly fishes a great deal and just returned from a successful trip in Chile.... Last February Chuck Grigsby was honored by Boston's mayor, Tom Menino, with a community service award in recognition of Black History Month... George Whitesides , head of the Department of Chemistry at Harvard (and curve buster at PA) just received a National Medal of Science Award from President Clinton. George was

"cited for discoveries in technologies for fabricating ultra-small structures that have potential uses in microelectronics and optical devices, and in the analysing of biological samples. Whitesides has also developed methods to block adhesion of viruses and bacteria to the surfaces of mammalian cells, and to prohibit the budding of viruses from infected cells."

.... I know that Peter Sprague , Chairman of Wave Systems, has enjoyed the recent meteoric rise in his company's stock. Wave Systems makes computer chip technology that allows secure transactions over the internet. Peter had resigned as Chairman of National Semiconductor Corp in 1995, a company I believe he founded, to devote his efforts to Wave Systems.... You cannot pick up a Wall Street Journal, New York Times or Washington Post today without seeing an article about Ted Forstmann and his latest project, the Children's Scholarship Fund. Although I've written about this project before, the fund has grown substantially and will help benefit at this time some 40,000 poor youngsters by providing upward of $170 million worth of vouchers over a four year period as an aletrnative to a poor education. I don't know about other parts of the country, but Texas "educrats" are going nuts, screaming that the "voucher system" will break the public education system. Hogwash! Clearly, Ted has done one hellova job getting people's attention about alternative education methods like the voucher system. Finally, I am sorry to report that after losing John Mathis in January, Rusty Romanoff died unexpectedly in London on January 7th. Rusty had been in the banking business in Chicago and London for a long time. He was most proud of his Russian heritage and was the great-nephew of Czar Nicholas II of Russia. Last year Rusty went to St. Petersburg for the re-burial of the royal family, 80 years to the day, when they were killed by the Bolshevics. Peter Robb who also lived in London died unexpectedly on March 13th. Peter had served in the Marine Corps and had headed up Glencore Int'l. AG's MIS in Stamford, CT., Zug, Switzerland, and London before retiring in 1997. We'll miss these classmates.

Best to all.