Well, what do we do now that we are retired, or is that retread? I can't believe how busy I am, even with no excuse about going to work. I am lusting after a T-28, which is a big, piston powered, 1820 cu. inch radial engined plane I flew in the Navy long ago. Believe it or not, the T-28 was the first airplane in which I landed on an aircraft carrier. With no ejection seat in the T-28, standard procedure was to land on the ship with the canopy slid back and wide open, in case a fast exit was required. My leather jacket was functional and necessary to keep warm with that open cockpit. No wonder I was glad to progress to the A-4 Skyhawk with its air conditioned and heated, closed cockpit equipped with an ejection seat!

Cheers! Ed Hotelling

PS. I will attempt to attach a picture (the Beach Boys) of my grandson and me at the beach last week. Maybe next time, a picture of me flying a T-28, since I don't plan on flying any more Boing-767's!

The last time I flew this particular airplane was February 12, 1962, while I was training to become a Naval Aviator.

A Photo from my T-28 today of an F-8 Bearcat and a P-51 as part of our flyovers for Veterans' Day. Note the slightly extended flaps on the P-51, due to our slow speed to allow the T-6 flying my wing behind me to keep up with the formation.