I now have it made! I have left the "us" and have joined the "them!" It was quite easy, really. I received my first Social Security check this January, called the bank to verify its arrival, and then made sure the government's wire transfer had good funds. This now permits yours truly to pay the monthly drug bills and have enough left over to make our 45th reunion this June 7-9. [Gil Wright] who has done such a great job putting the reunions together over the years is heading the PA group once again with [Mimi Reader] and [Louisa Birch] co-chairing the Abbot side. Gil has conned [Brian Golden] to help, but the group needs all the assistance they can get, as they are planning programs, meals, faculty guests, etc. So, if you are willing to give a little time and a lot of advice, please let Gil know. He can be reached by e-mail at Henleygrp@aol.com or by phone at 904-273-6548. By the way, that's Jacksonville, FL, where Gil and Nancy are moving shortly and where [Bill Kammerer] has been a consultant in international medicine with the Mayo Clinic for the past 12 years.

Several folks have already committed to return for the reunion: the [Austen Zechas] from Kuala Lumpur, the [Arkie Koehls] from Hawaii. [Chico Valldejuly] says that he and [Magda] are coming from Puerto Rico, while [Justin Lindy] and wife, [Jo], are coming from England. Actually, the Lindys will come up with us and the [Ralph Weavers], as Justin and Jo will be visiting in Texas, and we'll be exposing them to some real terrific Texas antiquity like the Alamo. Committed also are the [Greg Wierzynskis] and [Rick Steinkamp] with whom Pam and I had a great visit last December in Las Vegas. Rick has been teaching political science at UNLV, when he's not playing poker at Bellagio's.

Heard from [Kim Pendleton] who went to Ohio for the wedding of [Gay Smith's] daughter. While there, he ran into [Bill McEwan] and his wife, Virginia, who are now living in the woodsy country near Columbus. The McEwans have two sons, one of whom lives in Ohio and the other in Utah, but they also have five grandchildren. [Bill] wrote that he had had a nice visit recently with [Gay Smith]. I presume the Pendletons will come to the reunion as a stopping point on their way to Maine for the summer. Kim's cousin, [Brian Pendleton], now retired from practicing real estate law in Denver, wrote that he's coming as well, while [George Breed] said he would be there for sure.[Bill Cox], living outside San Diego, said he has a good shot at making it as well.

Got a great Holiday letter and picture from the [Bob Bohorad] family. This year there was plenty of excitement, as their son, Rob, was married last Memorial Day, and their second son, Jim, became engaged. [Bob] and [Judy] haven't missed a reunion in forever, so I suppose they will be there this June along with [Lew Neisner] who never misses the festivities either. [Tuck McClintock] wrote that he is bringing his new bride first to our reunion, then to the Yale reunion. Tuck inferred that after those two events, he may be single again before he gets home to Pittsburgh.

[Leo Ullman] was kind enough to send a copy of "The Wall Street Transcript" in which he was interviewed as the President of the Cedar Income Fund, a small REIT with investments in office space and shopping centers in the east and midwest. The inference was quite clear: Leo is going to make this REIT grow!

It has been a lot of fun, catching up with so many of you over the internet over the last few years. I can only hope that many of you are planning to come to the reunion this year; I think it will be terrific, as they always have been. If there's a chance you will make it, please let me know by sending an e-mail-not a collect call, and as we get closer, I will let all of you know who is coming. Since you have a pretty good list at the top of the article, see if some of your old acquaintences are coming. Some may even have some hair left, and it may even show a little gray. Best wishes. [Gee]