PA '57 CLASSNOTES - Winter 01
from Gee Johnson

Hello Everyone;

Closing in on the end of a superb career, word has come down that Lance Odden will be stepping down at the end of the school year as headmaster of the Taft School, having served in that capacity for the past 29 years. Lance's wife, Patsy, has also served as the assistant athletic director and girls' varsity hockey coach for the past 25 years. Joining the Taft faculty in 1961 as a history instructor, after graduation from Princeton, Lance was named chairman of the history department in 1967 and assistant headmaster in 1969. When he was named Taft's headmaster in 1972 at age 32, Lance was the youngest person to head a major independent boarding school in the nation. Under his leadership the Taft School's endowment has increased from $3 million to $132 million and its financial aid program grew from $100 thousand to $3 million annually with one out of three students receiving assistance. In addition, the face of the campus has been transformed with an athletic center in 1980, Arts and Humanities Center in 1985, Centennial Dormitory in 1990, another Athletic Facility in 1993 and a Science and Mathematic Center in 1997. Lance and Patsy plan to retire to Manchester, VT, where Lance is the president of the Ekwanok Country Club which will make it a little easier to pursue his avid love of golf. What a tremendous career! What a legacy! Congratulations, Lance, and keep us informed.

Lew Neisner wrote that he was blessed on October 2nd, when his daughter delivered a big baby grandson for him in Walnut Grove, CA. Lew says he plans to see the baby soon and is still teaching marketing at the U. of Maryland. Jo and[Justin Lindy have been enjoying retirement in England. This last summer they sailed to Bilbao in northern Spain, then drove along the Mediterranean coast in France, ending up in Montpelier (not VT), where they spent another week. To outdo themselves, they have planned a little round-the-world trek, beginning this January, with some of the places of interest being Singapore, Cairns, Sydney, Christchurch, Aukland, Tahiti, and Los Angeles. Speaking of Los Angeles Dave Cathcart hosted the PA '57 dinner at the Maple Drive Restaurant in Beverly Hills this last October 27th. Ably assisted by Bill Cox who had to bow out at the last minute due to an exciting new project which will keep him in Washington for the next six months, nine "faithfuls" showed up to enjoy a wonderful evening with each other. Steve Trivers, radio mogul with four stations in Kalamazoo, MI flew in and used the trip to see his daughter and two brothers while he was there. Rick Steinkamp came from Vegas-well, Henderson, NV- where he and Katy have been hanging out since Rick retired from the publishing business some 10 years ago. Rick said his oldest son-the class baby- now 42 is doing really well. Robert Kerr brought his wife, Anita, who had dinner with my wife, Pam, while the rest of us "convened." Robert is with the Jet Propulsion Lab and brought each of us a little computer disc which I don't know how to get into my computer. It was great to see Bill Dial again. After practicing law solo for a while, Bill has associated himself with the LA firm of Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison, where he does a good deal of work for Chevron. Nappy McNaughton flew in from San Francisco, where he says he's really enjoying the investment banking business these days. Nappy's daughter had been married the early part of October and his son was going to be married at the end of October in Hawaii, so Nappy had everything happening all in a month's time. He hasn't aged a bit since Andover-and still has a flat belly. Speaking of looking the same with a flat belly is John Hurlbut who is a trial attorney and partner with the LA firm of Rutan and Tucker. John says he really enjoys his six grandchildren-three boys and three girls. George Fallon came by and said that he was enjoying teaching economics in the UCal system. Grabo Keator was supposed to join us but had to bail out at the last minute because of PA business with the $200 million campaign. I had an opportunity to visit with Grabo a few days after the party, and he really likes being part of the Andover scene again. I also spoke with a number of our classmates west of the Mississippi in an effort to get them to come to the party. Pete Mattern had to decline, as one of his daughters was getting married that weekend. Henry Bourne, doc extraordinaire at Cal, said to tell everyone hello, but he had to give a paper to the doctors at St. Jude's Hospital in Memphis that evening. Arkie Koehl had to cancel, as he was hosting a Harvard Club event in San Francisco the following day and was concerned about getting home on time. I can understand that, as all of us who flew into LA were all about three hours late. Kemp Crawford sent his regrets, but it was good to visit with Roland Scott who is living in Sandia Point, NM. Had a great visit with Tom Weisbuch and only sorry he could not attend. Ed Hotelling like Charlie Casella in Palo Alto had last minute conflicts. I tried to get Ralph Weaver to show up, but he and his wife, Carol, managed to sneak away to western Mass to enjoy the leaves in their autumn colors. Dave Catron said he wanted to come, but he and his wife were going to Japan for a wedding. Dave has been a financial planner in Salt Lake City with American Express for a number of years. So, the next time! The LA dinner experienced the same kind of enthusiasm, excitement and comraderie that took place in New York, Boston, and Washington. It was just a wonderful evening! Hopefully, we can do one in Chicago next spring to catch the fellows in the mid-west. Volunteers are welcome! Pam and I had a chance to catch up with Dave Cathcart at dinner on Saturday, after paying homage to Rodeo Drive and its interesting sights and unusual people. Dave is a trial attorney and partner in the firm of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, spending a good deal of time travelling. He and his wife have two daughters, the youngest of whom goes to Smith. That seems to work out well, since the Cathcarts have a "getaway" place in the Berkshires which they really enjoy. Happy Holidays to all and belatedly to those who won't receive your copy of the "Bulletin" until February. Please remember to whup out yer checkbook and include Andover in your year-end plans, and best to all for a safe and healthy 2001. Gee